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About Just Laugh

Originally founded in 1999 as Just Laugh magazine by long-time friends Scott Sevener and Matthew Gatesy, Just Laugh began its life as a webzine focusing on the time-honored tradition of making people laugh by the most immature poop and fart jokes imaginable. Sharing their favorite links and jokes from around the Internet, along with many of their own works of humor, Just Laugh launched in the year 2000 with a handful of bi-monthly issues focusing on such hilarious topics as the infamous Y2K bug, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, and even Elian Gonzalez.

Remember that kid?! He must be, like, 20 by now!!!


In 2001, we changed direction and turned Just Laugh into a full-featured humor site boasting one of the largest joke databases on the Internet, downloadable games from the likes of nStorm and KewlBox (the Elf Bowling guys), and most notably, Just Laugh magazine itself grew to include the creative works of over three dozen writers, cartoonists, and comedians as we entertained thousands of readers with new issues every three weeks.

In 2002 we were even on TV, so that was pretty cool! 😉

2003 was to be a banner year for Just Laugh with new collaborative projects, the Third Annual Just Laugh Weenie Awards, and an ever-growing list of contributors who were all nothing short of hilarious … and then Scott decided to uproot his entire life and move all the way across the country, with the demands of adulthood giving him no other choice than to put Just Laugh on hiatus…

…for a little over a decade… 😳

Which brings us to modern times! Some fifteen years after first opening its comedic doors, Just Laugh has once again emerged in pursuit of our original goal – to be Your Source for Humor on the Internet…, whether it be with our own hilarious features and creative compilations or by directing your attention to many of the other funny folks that this wet and wild, cyberspace community of ours has to offer!

At the end of the day no matter what decade you know us from, Just Laugh is about jokes and comedy and making people laugh at all of the wonderful absurdities to be found in the world around us.

Bubble farts.