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Cathy + Louis CK = Cathy CK … ACK!!!

Remember how awesome Garfield Minus Garfield was a few years ago when it gave us a look into the neurotic mind of Jon Arbuckle as a guy who talks to himself and really needs to seek some counseling?!

Cathy CK takes us to that same delicious level by rehashing the classic comic strip from Cathy Guisewite with the caustic wit of legendary comedian Louis CK


Porn SFW – Safe For Work Porn

Ok – so they’re probably not entirely safe for work unless you’ve got the kind of boss that would chuckle at the idea of goofy pictures drawn over otherwise pornographic photos as opposed to just firing you because it’s still pretty clear that the ice cream cone drawn into that photo is covering that guy’s, well, you know…

…still, if low brow is right up your alley, then you might want to curl up at home with a big bowl of popcorn and this website and go to town.

…with laughs, people – nothing dirty about that!

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