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Iran to Offer a Helping Hand?

The wonderful Andy Borowitz is on point as always…

Iran Offers to Mediate Talks Between Republicans and Obama

He said that his nation was the “logical choice” to jumpstart negotiations between Obama and the Republicans because “it has become clear that both sides currently talk more to Iran than to each other.”

(via The New Yorker)

Emma Watson is All Things to All People All of the Time

This Is Happening: Emma Watson Is Dating Prince Harry, Can Probably Also Fly

The projected future of Emma Watson

2016: Signs on to star as James Bond

2020: Is briefly a mermaid

2028: Queen dies, Charles and William abdicate, Emma becomes queen for real, none of this Constitutional monarchy nonsense

(via Funny or Die)

Amazon Customer Reviews – Melanie’s Marvelous Measles!

A wonderful collection of “reviews” for this children’s book that mixes the joys of having the measles with the real truth about those so-called “vaccines”…

“I’ve been having a hard time finding a way to tell my children why they have to suffer through dangerous and potentially debilitating diseases that were almost eradicated by Vaccines…”

“A definite buy if you idealize the good old days of short life spans and high infant mortality rates!”

“As a carpenter who specializes in itty bitty coffins…”

Happy not vaxing!

President Obama Speaks of Great Hope for America’s Favorite Vegetable

Melvin Durai shares with us a tender morsel of President Obama’s State of the Onion Address

“We are fifteen years into this new century. Fifteen years in which our country has fought many battles and overcome many hurdles to claim its rightful place as one of the world’s greatest onion producers.”

Behave yourselves and enjoy the show…

Steve Hofstetter is a comedian, he owns comedy clubs, he even hosts a show on TV about stand-up comedy. If anyone can tell us how to behave when we’re in the audience at a comedy show, it’s Steve!

7. Don’t text. You know how sometimes you come home and use your phone as a flashlight? That’s because it lights up a dark room. Science!

Check out the full list – 11 Things Not to Do at a Comedy Show – and be sure that you’re not that guy the next time you go out for a night of laughs…

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