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Goodnight, Sweet Scavenging Prince…

raccoon© Chris Hahn / Twitter (@heyhahn)

People in Toronto – and across Twitter at #DeadRaccoonTO – saw that unique, Canadian hospitality rise in mourning last week as an impromptu memorial sprung up in the streets after city workers took their time coming to pick up a dead raccoon.

Check out this link from Bored Panda for complete coverage of this inspiring tail…

(via Bored Panda)

Watch for falling horses!

It’s the classic story – man registers, man puts up photoshopped image of Walmart + Horse, Walmart sends cease and desist letter because its lawyers are paid $700/hr to not recognize a great joke when they see one…

Why Is Walmart Upset with a Guy for Photoshopping This Picture of a Horse in Front of One of Its Stores?

Extra Credit:

(via VICE)

On Top of Mount Everest, All Covered with Poo…

Too much human poo on Mount Everest, says Nepal

“The more than 700 climbers and guides who spend nearly two months on Everest’s slopes each climbing season leave large amounts of feces and urine, and the issue has not been addressed, Ang Tshering told reporters.”

(via The Guardian)

Extra Credit: Why Whale Poo Matters

A papal dedication to the job…

Philippine traffic officers to wear adult diapers during papal visit

“About 2,000 traffic enforcers who will be on duty during the 15-19 January papal visit will be required to wear adult diapers, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority chairman, Francis Tolentino, said.

Tolentino also encouraged people who will wait for hours to see the pope to also wear diapers.”

(via The Guardian)

Play-Doh In Trouble for Dil-Doh Toy

Toymaker forced to change new Play-Doh set after wave of parent complaints

 “Some parents say the toy was too phallic.”

Maybe they were just trying to appeal to a new, ahem, demographic???

EPA Employees Asked To Stop Pooping In The Hallway

From the Huffington Post…

Federal employees at the Environmental Protection Agency have been instructed to stop defecating in the hallway of a regional office in Denver, Colo., according to an internal e-mail obtained by Government Executive.

In a staff email earlier this year, Deputy Regional Administrator Howard Cantor warned of “several” inappropriate bathroom “incidents” in the building, including paper towel-clogged toilets and “an individual placing feces in the hallway” outside the restroom.

I don’t know the specifics, but as a general rule I think this is probably a pretty fair request around the workplace! Probably just a few crappy employees who need to be flushed out… 😯

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