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Pros and Cons of Trump’s Tax Plan

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  • Gives middle-class Americans the opportunity to experience paying higher taxes just like rich people, but without all of the pesky wealth.
  • Morale booster for billionaires in positions of great power who would like to give back to their most valued billionaire employees.
  • If you like your Tax Preparer, you can keep your Tax Preparer.
  • Temporary distraction from all of the other ways that Trump Administration is systematically destroying America.
  • Perfect for citizens who hate math and have no idea how their taxes are calculated today.


  • Tax dollars pay for stuff that we need and we’ll have much less of it as a result.
  • Makes doing things like saving for retirement and donating to charity for the tax deductions kind of pointless.
  • Still won’t stop most people from complaining about their taxes.
  • Rich get richer, poor get poorer, etc, etc…
  • Incentivizes future billionaire presidents to also never release their tax returns by reinforcing the enthusiasm of delusional middle America.
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