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Privacy Policy

The following disclosure is intended to make clear to our visitors exactly how any personal information you provide may be dealt with around our website.

Although it is our own policy to never share or sell your information for any reason, we do partner with 3rd party websites to provide some of the services you experience, so our goal here is to be as open as possible to ensure that everyone is comfortable with how these relationships may affect you and your personal data. We’re a humor website, not the NSA!

We use Google Analytics to collect anonymous statistics about your visit to our website to help us better understand which regions of the world our readers come from, which pages they read the most, and so forth. This data is collected by means of tracking cookies that are placed on your device, however please note that no data that is captured and provided back to us can be traced back to any single user. Additional details can be found in Google’s Privacy Policy.

A number of 3rd party advertisers supply the ads viewed throughout our website, and some of them may collect data regarding the websites that you browse to provide more relevant ads that you’re more likely to enjoy. In no case is this data ever shared with us – they simply analyze it on a case by case basis before serving the ads you see around our website.

External Links
This is 2015. Our website contains many links to other websites – that’s kinda how the Internet works!  We don’t even know why we have to include this one anymore.  Any websites you visit via a link from Just Laugh may have privacy policies that differ from ours, or they may not even have one at all, and Just Laugh Productions cannot be held responsible for practices by any websites that are not our own.

But you’re a smart kid – you already knew that! 😉

Notification of Changes
Any changes to this policy will be updated on this page, with a summary of historical changes listed below:

  • February 2015 – Removed sections for comments, mailing lists, and product orders, as we don’t do those things anymore.
  • November 2012 – Policy updated for website re-launch.
  • January 2003 – Privacy Policy for Just Laugh magazine created.

Contact Info
Questions or concerns about Just Laugh’s Privacy Policy can be sent via e-mail; additional disclaimers can be found in our Legal Information.