Humor Blog Highlights


We’re not the only funny folks on the street – here’s a list of even more great places to find humor online, on TV and the radio, and even out there in “the real world,” too…


And of course, Just Laugh wouldn’t be possible without all of the remarkably hilarious people who’ve contributed to our site over the years…

Writers & Humor Columnists:


  • Michael Buonauro (Dr. Lobster, Wrench Farm)
  • Matt Danielsson (Demokrazy)
  • Jeff Lofvers (Dr. Lobster, Wrench Farm)
  • Jack McLaren (The Parking Lot is Full)
  • Mr. Mockery (The Guy Who Can’t Draw Comics, Pixel Pals)
  • Lori Sevener (Our Loser Friends, Ink, Paint & Tears…)
  • Pat Spacek (The Parking Lot is Full)
  • Tom Wilson (ColdCuts)

Flash Games & Animation:

  • Mike Bielinski (KewlBox Entertainment)
  • Rob DeBorde (Deep Fried, Live! with Tako the Octopus)
  • Dan Ferguson (KewlBox Entertainment)
  • Dave O’Neal (Deep Fried, Live! with Tako the Octopus)