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CollegeHumor’s Comedy Music Hall of Fame

If you missed it on IFC last night, know that you can still watch CollegeHumor’s inaugural honoring of the funniest in musical comedy that the world has ever known – featuring the likes of CDZA, The Gregory Brothers, Tenacious D, and the captive recipient of this year’s lifetime achievement award … the legendary Weird Al Yankovic!

So much great comedy makes us all just want to sing about it, but maybe we’re better off leaving the vocals to seasoned professionals… ūüėČ

A fake mustache is worth a hundred computers…

Featuring the brilliance of one John Hodgman as an aging NSA agent who strives to inspire his young, female protege, Codefellas was a great, little animated series that WIRED Magazine ran a few years ago. This particular episode features mustaches, among other important spy tools!

Be sure to check out the whole series if you find yourself giggling uncontrollably at said witty, mustache-laden banter…

Prank It Forward – She’s Got It Maid!

The only thing better than a good practical joke is a practical joke that ends with some real good for its beloved victim, and that’s where’s¬†Prank It FWD¬†project was born.

Prank It Forward takes an afternoon of unsuspected surprises and showers it on people who deserve a little something special in their lives, whether it’s a traffic ticket for safe driving or¬†the best waitressing shift¬†ever or occasionally something even more amazing like the time they treated a hardworking house cleaner to a day of luxury that ended with the surprise that even her own family who were in on the prank never saw coming (above)!

This is one of those heartwarming videos that gets shared around the Internet constantly, and rightfully so. We here at Just Laugh like it because it’s also¬†hilarious¬†watching it all go down, and on top of everything else, even months after the prank is still giving forward by donating to charity every time you watch and enjoy any of the¬†Prank It Forward¬†videos on YouTube. :mrgreen:

I think this maid’s matronly reward is currently my personal¬†favorite, but for¬†Extra Credit¬†with this blog post, here are a few others to enjoy until is ready to dazzle us with more tales of giving back all over again…

“Two minutes in heaven are better than one minute in heaven.”

Aren’t Flight of the Conchords just wonderful? I think I could listen to this song all day long. It kind of feels like I pretty much have today…

Let’s not forget a few of these other epic favorites, too!

So what’s¬†your¬†favorite Flight of the Conchords song?!

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