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Just Laugh’s Guide to Shoveling Snow

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As our neighbors in the northern states get pounded with record snowfall this winter, we would be remiss if we didn’t offer our sympathies to all those who spent the better part of this weekend donning their shovels and snowblowers to clear their driveways and sidewalks of the mountains of cruel snow that trap them inside their homes like eskimos isolated far, far from humanity in the coldest regions our Earth has to offer.

Of course, nobody really enjoys shoveling snow, so to make the chore just a little easier for our frostbitten friends, here are a few helpful tips that are sure to make an afternoon of snow removal as simple and carefree as a day at the beach!

1. Be sure to wear proper attire – reliable footwear in particular is essential to a productive experience.

20160124_snow-flipflops_73012957© viperagp / Depositphotos

2. Use the right equipment for the job, and if you can harness a bit of mechanical assistance, all the better.

20160124_snow-jetskis_10486397© Mustang_79 / Depositphotos

3. Try not to think about the weather as you focus dutifully on the task at hand.

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4. Work with your hips – don’t rely on your back to do all of the heavy lifting.

20160124_snow-volleyball_5022833© Kzenon / Depositphotos

5. Don’t be afraid to put your kids to work.

20160124_snow-castle_13736857© mvaligursky / Depositphotos

6. Know when to take the occasional break to help warm up.

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7. Invite some friends over because as they say, many hands make light work.

20160124_snow-party_9901031© yanlev / Depositphotos

8. And lastly, take a moment to celebrate with a refreshing drink when you’re finally done – you’ve earned it!

20160124_snow-drinks_11058590© Kesu01 / Depositphotos
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