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What Will Our Inevitable Alien Overlords Enslave Us to Build???

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  • A thousand foot tall statue of Glorb the Destroyer of Worlds, with each of his ravenous tentacles more dreadful than the last.
  • Something or other made from the bones of our fallen friends and family.
  • One million Stonehenges, arranged in an intricate Domino Rally fashion.
  • A working replica of a 1974 Ford Pinto Hatchback.
  • 21st century improvements for our crippling infrastructure because it doesn’t take five minutes on Earth to see we’re not going to do it on our own.
  • Giant pyramids made of sand out in the middle of the-, oops, nevermind…
  • A worldwide communications network capable of transmitting sexy nude imagery at the speed of light.
  • Doesn’t really matter – manual labor tenderizes human flesh the same regardless of output.
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