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Record is Worthless, but Respectable

SAN DIEGO (Just Laugh) – Ever since Miguel David started riding his skateboard across the United States, people have taken notice. The trek, which will conclude next week in Fort Lauderdale, will mark the first time ever a person has traveled cross country on a skateboard.

“I got the idea when my car broke down. I had to ride my skateboard to work for three weeks. It just became natural to me,” said David, who started this journey two years ago.

The weather has been, for the most part, good to David, who has taken the postal worker’s oath. But even in good weather, the constant pushing has taken its toll. “I went out to cheer him on as he passed through Texas. He seemed winded, but determined,” commented Elaine Evans, who instead of offering water, offered sex to the exhausted David.

As of now, there hasn’t been any sponsors or donations to benefit David, just an accomplishment like no other. “I’m not doing this for any money. The sex from Elaine was good enough for me,” said David.

With one week to go, David has been injury free. One thing has bothered him though. “Going uphill is a bitch.”

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