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Jaws Star Celebrates 40th Anniversary By Eating 40 Lucky Fans

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HOLLYWOOD (Just Laugh) – Some 40 years since the infamous great white shark first traded blows with a young Sheriff Brody in what would become one of the most groundbreaking films of its time, the leading role – now long-since retired and biding his time in safer waters – decided to fall back into his legendary role one more time in celebration of Jaws’ 40th anniversary, leaving fans screaming for more and giving a lucky few an up close look at the magic that made Jaws an undeniable smash hit to be quoted and devoured by movie fans for decades to come…

“Nobody had heard from him in years,” said director Steven Spielberg, citing the actor’s noted absence from social media on account of living in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. “But when he randomly reached out to me and said that he had a great idea for the 40th anniversary that he thought he could really sink his teeth into, well, how does a guy say no to a shark like Jaws?!”

Gathering on the island of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts where the original film was shot in 1974, surviving cast mates Richard Dreyfuss (Marine biologist Matt Hooper) and Lorraine Gray (Sheriff Brody’s wife) were on hand to congratulate the 40 lucky fans who enjoyed a private meet and greet with the stars of the blockbuster before ultimately wadding out into the Atlantic coast in groups of five to be picked off one by one courtesy of the beloved great white himself.

“Everybody just loved it,” Gray spoke eloquently of her co-star’s work. “When Jaws got down to business and the waters started changing from blue to red, it was really something special to see – it was like being back in 1974 when the world was our oyster all over again!”

“You can tell from the way that he works,” told Dreyfuss with a small smile on his face, “that Jaws just really loves killing people. That’s not acting you’re seeing out there in the water when he’s terrorizing those people and chasing them one by one to their doom, and that’s why it worked so well in the original film … because it was authentic.”

After consuming the last of the 40 prize winners – dedicating his final two victims to the late Roy Scheider (Sheriff Brody) and Robert Shaw (Captain Quint) – to a thunderous applause from the remaining onlookers on the beach, the mighty predator gave one final wave of his pectoral fin before turning back to sea to return to his life of quiet retirement – a well-deserved life that all started with one pivotal role that nobody could’ve played better than the one, the only … Jaws.

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