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Man Blames Tardiness on the Wrong Daylight Saving Time

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Wichita, Kansas (Just Laugh) – Walking into the office this morning visibly frazzled, regional manager Gregory Barnes reportedly shrugged his shoulders to co-workers as he passed that he’d simply forgotten all about Daylight Saving Time this past weekend, as if to blame it for his late arrival despite in fact actually having one hour more than usual to prepare himself for work.

“You know how it is – Daylight Savings Time!” Barnes joked half-heartedly with one employee as he casually poured himself a cup of coffee in the break room while numerous others silently rolled their eyes behind his back.

“I don’t even know why we still have Daylight Savings Time – I’m not a farmer!” the manager exclaimed loudly as the overused punchline to the same joke that veteran employees have heard him tell twice a year for the last six years.

“Greg is … an idiot,” explained warehouse foreman Ralph Green as he quickly filled his own mug before heading back out to resume his job. “I don’t think that he really gets how Daylight Saving Time works, but at least twice a year it keeps him out of everybody else’s hair for an extra hour, so we’ve all made a vow never to explain it to him.”

Green added quietly with a grin, “We had a kid working here a few years ago – sharp kid – somehow convinced Greg that because of the moon or some shit, Daylight Saving Time would be observed a record seven times one summer!”

“That was a nice summer. I think the kid went on to go work at IBM or something…”

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