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PandaPad to Become New Social Network Exclusively for Pandas

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SILICON VALLEY (Just Laugh) – Following reports from the latest issue of the Journal of Mammalogy that suggest pandas are not the solitary creatures we once thought, but instead may in fact be considerably more complex and social creatures, one technology upstart from Silicon Valley is looking to make a name for itself by taking the social sphere to a new and unexpected arena – the isolated mountains of central China.

BetaFrog announced today that it is finishing original prototypes for a new social network it calls PandaPad which promises to be a revolutionary new online community aimed solely at the elusive giant panda. Though less than 2,000 pandas are estimated to populate the Earth at this time, BetaFrog believes that by offering this new social venue that intends to cater to the specific digital needs of the modern day panda, in the long term it may even serve to bolster population numbers and possibly even one day see the species removed from the Threatened List altogether.

“This is a really exciting time to be a panda!” quoted BetaFrog founder and president Dave Jeffcoat. “Through a rich portfolio of social features including Bear Buddies, Bamboo Bites, and Panda Pix, we’re creating a revolutionary new way for pandas to communicate with one another in their own families as well as with hundreds of bears that currently reside in captivity at zoos and other educational venues around the world.”

Jeffcoat added that future development may bring FiveShoots, a location-based option in which the pandas can check into their favorite trees and watering holes, as well as Junglify, an application aimed at sharing the songs and sounds of the wild with like-minded pandas.

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