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Surprise, You’ve Just Been Punk’d

Every Monday night at 9:30 p.m. central standard time, MTV airs a show called Punk’d. It stars Ashton Kutcher, Kelso on That 70’s Show. In this show, Kutcher makes it a point to embarrass celebrities by playing pranks on them, sort of like a current version of Candid Camera. The only difference is, Kutcher’s version is slightly crueler, which is probably the reason it’s on MTV.

An example of one of the pranks Kutcher has accomplished is setting up an illegal gambling site, in which Seth Green (of Austin Powers fame), the individual getting Punk’d, believes he is out for a friendly night of gambling. What eventually happens is, fake agents who are supposedly onto this illegal gambling event barge in and attempt to make arrests. In Kutcher-like fashion, Green ends up the butt of jokes, ending with Kutcher and the rest of the crew laughing and forcing Green to look into the camera.

Of course this is the only thing shown. If the unedited version was to surface, I’d imagine the viewers would see Seth Green beating the crap out of Kutcher for making him pee his pants. Then his attorney would be called and lawsuits would be filed, etc. etc.

Having seen this show numerous times, I’ve finally come to a conclusion. Ashton Kutcher has starred on the show, That 70’s Show, ever since the show began, some 100 episodes ago.

I used to be a fan of That 70’s Show. That was until Punk’d came out. The reason I’m not a fan anymore is, ever since the unleashing of the MTV series, I don’t know which episodes of That 70’s Show are legit.

As I watch weekly, I wait for one of the other famous actors, including Mila Kunis, Danny Masterson, and Topher Grace, to be pranked by Kutcher.

I would love for that to happen. In a bad episode, (and believe me, there have been many lately), I want to see Kutcher jump out at his co-star and yell, “Look into that camera over there. You’re on my new show, Punk’d.”

But since it doesn’t happen week in and week out, my only explanation is, the entire viewership of That 70’s Show has been, in fact, Punk’d by Asthon Kutcher. The only difference is, every time I look around my house for a hidden camera, I can’t find one.

Of course, unless I’m looking at the hidden camera in my bedroom closet for the ladies…I’m just kidding.

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