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Another Quaid Gets Media Attention

HOLLYWOOD (Just Laugh) – Veteran actor brothers Dennis and Randy Quaid have had their share in the spotlight. But recently, a new Quaid has surfaced in the media.

Al Quaid, the last of the Quaid clan, was reportedly mistaken for a member of al Qaida in a bar in West Hollywood. “His name mirrors the terrorist group, which puts him up for scrutiny,” said Dr. MacKenzie of UCLA.

MacKenzie also states that it’s the same situation actor Richard Grieco goes through. “People constantly mistake him for the lizard in the GEICO commercials,” added MacKenzie.

But Quaid’s family is not happy. “I’m upset because Al is a dentist. He shouldn’t get the media attention Randy and I get,” said a disappointed Dennis Quaid, who thought the interview would be about him.

The string of media frenzy has dipped into the lives of Dennis and Randy Quaid, who has brought forgettable movies such as Innerspace, National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation and The Rookie.

“This will all boil over after the re-release of King Pin,” commented Randy Quaid, as he stood in line to rent a tuxedo at Mr. Neat’s.

No comment was reached from Al Quaid, who was booked up with check-ups and root canals.

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