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WANTED: Beautiful Friends to Enjoy Sailing Adventure

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Seeking 5 – 6 well-off 30-somethings to partake on a carefree sailing adventure around San Francisco Bay Area.

Must be easy to get along with, wealthy enough to go boating on a random Tuesday afternoon, and beautiful enough to invoke envy from others without really trying as we relax in style on my 45′ schooner, The Trendsetter.

Dress code will be boating casual – mostly white (just like us!), with sunglasses running no less than $399 in value that will likely need to be replaced when either Sam sits on them or Becky knocks them off the rail after our third bottle of Trimbach.

Bring only your perfect smile and arrogant sense of entitlement as we bob around the gorgeous California waters, drinking and laughing our trust funds away!

No nautical experience required – don’t worry, we have people to do the actual sailing for us.

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