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WANTED: Shopping Gimp

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A seasonal employment opportunity has opened up in Emily Graham’s shopping organization as the affluent socialite seeks an experienced Shopping Gimp to help in her near daily trips to the mall in support of her holiday shopping efforts.

Applicant should be capable of easily carrying multiple shopping bags for long distances and keeping his thoughts to himself for the duration of his time in Ms. Graham’s presence.

Responsibilities to include carrying shopping bags, putting them into the trunk of her SUV, and waiting for her to fill even more shopping bags to also place into the trunk of her SUV.

Leather gimp suit will not be provided, however qualified applicants are welcome to bring their own if it improves the quality of service that they’re able to provide.

At this time, Ms. Graham requests that only applicants with previous Shopping Gimp experience apply, as she does not have time to train potential applicants for the 2015 shopping season.

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