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Just Laugh’s Guide to Doing Your Taxes at the Last Minute

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Today is that day!

The day that a month ago you shrugged off because hey, tax day was still a month away!

Well now Tax Day is officially here and you’d better file your taxes or you’ll receive a strongly worded letter reminding you that you forgot to pay your taxes, followed thereafter by another letter kindly requesting your civic duty recognized until finally I’m not really sure what but I think something much much worse happens that you probably don’t want to actually happen…

So let’s get deducting!!!

  • When making up fake dependents to up your deductions, put some creativity into that false social you’re giving them, too. While Pennington J. Hooverdecker with a social of 111-11-1111 raises some red flags, Pennington J. Hooverdecker of 422-08-9357 is in the clear!
  • If your employer sends you a W-2, you have to report it on your taxes and losing or throwing it away doesn’t count. As a simple workaround, consider quitting your job and like magic, no W-2 to report! (note: this must be done in the previous year to impact this year’s taxes)
  • If you have the option to receive your income as an inheritance or gift from loved ones as opposed to doing actual work, do this for some hefty savings come tax time!
  • Though it’s a common myth that having a child can be a positive impact to a family’s taxes, studies show that if you choose to clothe and feed your child as modern society expects, the financial advantages are more often than not minimal at best.
  • People like to think that they can save on their taxes by giving to charity, but taking from charity is where the real tax savings are at.
  • E-Filing is a great way to submit your taxes for anyone who wants to avoid the awkward social context often associated with walking to the end of one’s driveway and physically putting an envelope into their mailbox.
  • Want to score some extra points with the IRS computer that will ultimately be processing your tax return? You can’t – welcome to the future.
  • And if nothing else, just remember that the worst that can happen if you file your income taxes wrong is that you could get audited by the IRS, have all of your bank accounts and your home seized, find yourself expelled from your job, and your life basically ruined until such time that you’re able to reconcile and pay back every red cent that you owe your supreme overlords for another year in their country. It’s not the end of the world or anything!
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