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10 Things We’d Rather Be Talking About Than President-Elect Donald Trump

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Did you know that giraffes have a black tongue? It sounds kind of disturbing, but it’s actually pretty neat to watch them slurping leaves off of the highest trees – yum yum yum!

The Meaning of Life
Why are we here? Is there other intelligent life elsewhere in the universe?? And if so, do they happen to have any amazing fondue recipes that we haven’t thought of yet???

Colonizing Mars
As far as we can tell, they don’t have a two-party system or the electoral college there yet, so Mars has that going for it.

Would The Beatles Still Be Together Today If John Lennon Hadn’t Been Assassinated?

Chips with Queso
I could go for some right about now if you guys want to split an order for the table.

The Birds and the Bees
Just two members of the same species having raunchy, unadulterated consensual intercourse – ain’t nothing wrong with that!

It’s not a real place like Mars is, but it’s a state of mind where the tequila bar is always open which sounds pretty inviting right about now.

It’s never too early to start talking about Santa and Frosty, and Jesus, and being outraged over whatever color Starbucks makes their cups this year! Grrrr…

The Second Coming of Christ
I mean, hopefully he waits until after Christmas so it doesn’t spoil everybody’s holiday cheer, but The Second Coming of Christ – boy, that sure would be something, wouldn’t it?!

The Good, Old Days…
You know, back when we were growing up and we had the world at our fingertips, and we hadn’t just elected an egomaniacal bigot to be our President who will likely incite a race war that will lead us into World War 3 – those were the days.

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