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Reasons Why President Trump Isn’t Attending the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

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  • Already has a root canal scheduled for that day, figuring it will be less painful.
  • Hasn’t been able to figure out a way that he can personally profit from the event yet.
  • Prefers to surround himself with people who he hasn’t called the lyingest liars in all of liardom.
  • After a busy week of bullshitting, the President just wants to relax at Mar-A-Lago with a few other close bullshitters.
  • Bathrobe. Twitter. Unopened case of Cadbury Creme Eggs.
  • Expects to have disbanded the fourth estate by then anyways, so…
  • Have you had the Chicken Marengo they serve at those things?! Just disgraceful!
  • Worried the night will just be filled with jokes about the size of his inauguration.
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