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Cured Back Pain Results in Unlikely Discovery

DAVENPORT, Ia. (Just Laugh) – Travis Hubler, a 40 year old man with bad back problems, discovered a mattress that finally gave him a good night’s rest.

“I was visiting my 12 year old nephew (Carl) and was given his bed to sleep on,” said Hubler. It was soon revealed that the comfort Hubler found was due to the high volume of nudie magazines Carl had buried under his mattress.

“My parents would have never found the magazines if it weren’t for my Uncle’s stupid back,” commented Carl, bitter about the spankings he received and vowed to take revenge.

This discovery has led Hubler to purchase more than 25 Playboys, just to support his theory about the nudie magazines.

“They have to be nudie magazines, because I’ve already tried Field and Stream and various sports mags,” said Hubler, who is now convinced he has a porn addiction.

But to Hubler, a porn addiction is more bearable than constant back pain.

As for his nephew Carl, he’s been grounded until further notice and has had his nudie magazines taken away. He now complains of back pain.

A nationwide study is being conducted in result of Hubler’s findings.

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