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Pizza Hut Announces Plans to Lazily Enter Breakfast Market

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Plano, TX (Just Laugh) – In the wake of Taco Bell’s expansion into serving breakfast as well as announcements from McDonald’s to begin offering key morning items all day long starting in October, the nation’s largest pizza chain is somewhat excited to share its own unique menu to the AM crowd with a series of marginally-related breakfast dishes that sound fine, but nothing spectacular.

“We spent, like, two hours developing this menu of pizzas that maybe somebody could order for breakfast,” announced CEO David Gibbs to an audience that was almost entirely still asleep. “Given this new surge of, err, people eating things before lunchtime, it seemed only fitting that America’s Favorite Pizza Chain step forward to give the people even more of the delicious pizza that they enjoy all day long.”

Though citing that the entire thing could be changed or even scraped altogether at pretty much any time, Pizza Hut’s tentative, new breakfast line-up is said to include:

  • a cheese pizza with an egg on top (pictured above)
  • a pizza featuring pancake syrup in place of sauce
  • those Cinnamon Sticks they offer for dessert, but renamed to Breakfast Cinnamon Sticks or something
  • whatever cold, leftover pizza they have lying around from the night before
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