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Uncle Considers Facebook to be Personal Invitation for Social Commentary

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Bertram, Iowa (Just Laugh) – Though these days Stan Heckman typically only sees his extended family every couple of years when they’re able to attend the annual family Christmas celebration, he says that he feels more connected to them than ever through the miracle that is Facebook.

“Every time that I login,” Heckman told us between sips of his Diet Tab, “there’s always something new from one of my nieces and nephews. The kids these days, they’re on the internets constantly and they seem to have plenty of opinions, so I always look forward to the chance to giving them a fresh perspective from a cranky, conservative old curmudgeon like myself…”

Heckman takes a great pride in the fact that he both Likes and comments on nearly every post that comes through his Facebook news feed, from photos and random status updates to game achievements, announcements, and especially politics.

“The kids these days, I know they all voted for Obama, but they don’t seem to understand how him and the Hollywood elite are ruining our country, especially with that Obama Care that he’s been shoving down our throats,” Heckman cited passionately. “So whenever my nephew posts about the Breaking Bad or how things are going with that garage band of his, I like to take the opportunity to share some of my wisdom about how this country is going to hell in a handbasket thanks to his generation’s ignorance to see beyond social equality and environmental awareness to the real problems that this country is facing, like taxes and welfare.”

“Also terrorism.”

“And Obamacare – did I mention that one already?!”

Pressed to conclude our interview, Heckman asked if he could follow us on Facebook just in case he thought of anything else that our audience needs to be repeatedly reminded of at completely irrelevant and more often than not entirely inappropriate times, however Just Laugh politely declined in the interest of general sanity. You’re welcome.

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