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Superhero ‘The Flash’ Changes Name

HALL OF JUSTICE (Just Laugh) – When the superhero ‘the Flash’ decided to change his name, his life suddenly became more exciting. Prior to the name change, the Flash’s dating life was less than spectacular.

“I couldn’t get laid for anything. Hanging out with Superman and Batman was a nightmare. They get so much pussy that there’s nothing left over,” said the All-Nighter, the Flash’s new superhero name.

According to the All-Nighter, the recent name change was due to women believing that the name ‘the Flash’ marked his stamina in bed. “I couldn’t imagine (that) just by changing his name, it would make a difference. I mean, now, the All-Nighter is an incredible lay,” said Wonder Woman, who has slept with the All-Nighter as both the Flash and his current identity.

The only negative aspect about the name change is the confusion about the All-Nighter’s super power. “When he was the Flash, everybody could relate to his superhuman speed. Now, it’s like, the All-Nighter? What the hell is that?” said Green Lantern, sick about the All-Nighter’s sudden popularity.

The All-Nighter’s name change has set trends. An update notes that Apache Chief is now known as Hung Like Mule.

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