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WANTED: Toilet Paper Replacement Specialist

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Urgent demand has opened an immediate position in our Restroom Services division with needs targeting an increased demand on our Toilet Paper Replacement Team.

Job responsibilities will include:

  • Timely replacement of restroom necessities throughout our facility
  • Effective management of restroom resources to minimize incidents of crisis
  • Astute attention to usage volumes and identification of associated trends (i.e. Taco Tuesdays)
  • Knowledge of “The Right Way” vs. “The Wrong Way” strictly required

Compensation will be based specifically on responsiveness to this ad, with incentive bonuses offered to motivated individuals willing to drop everything to pursue this exciting, new opportunity in an up and coming field of work.

Potential applicants should come to the men’s room on the 5th floor as soon as possible, ready to show their skills in action – 4th stall on the right.

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