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Men Clarify Previous Sex Study

CHICAGO (Just Laugh) – It was reported in a news story earlier last week that while older women still want to have sex, their male counterparts are often unable to make the deal worthwhile. Nonetheless, when these men got word of exactly how the survey went down, they had a little something to say of their own…

“What?!?!?!?” exclaimed one alarmed gentleman after reading said survey. “No, no, no…leave it to a woman to omit the most important part of the whole story!” spoke Bill Spacely with a rage of fury and confusion.

Diving further into the story, the shocking truth was brought to light. “Just because we’re old doesn’t mean that we don’t like a little action here and there,” explained one James McFly, 65, “but let’s face the facts – these women aren’t exactly drop-dead supermodels anymore, now are they? Have you taken a look at these chicks lately??? I mean ‘Woof!'”

“Don’t get me wrong,” said 52-year-old Eddie Carson, “I still love the art of, well, making love, just as much as I did thirty years ago, but old wrinkle-bags over there just ain’t doin’ it for me anymore! Sure, she’s got the libido of a college girl, but she’s got the face of Martha Washington…and not on one of her good days, either. I mean, come on – give me something to work with here…” he muttered on, shaking his head as he walked away…

Among the men that took this survey, 96% would like to justify their previous votes with one final statement, “Oh yes, we still want to have sex – more than ever, just not with you. Nothing personal…”

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