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Boy Cleverly Gives Up Broccoli for Lent

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Charlottesville, VA (Just Laugh) – In an unexpected power play as his family prepared to enter into the Christian tradition of fasting for Lent, Timothy Arnold announced proudly when asked what he would be giving up for the next 40 days preceding Easter and the resurrection of their Lord that he would be giving up broccoli, widely known throughout the Arnold family to be his least favorite vegetable of all-time.

“I just want to show how much I love Jesus…” Arnold pleaded passionately as he fought back a subtle grin of satisfaction that his mother could detect from across the room.

When asked for comment about the devious move by her child, his mother Camille Arnold simply replied, “I’ll give him this one – no broccoli for the next 40 days – but if he actually loves it so much to give it up for Lent, then he’s really going to love what he finds in his Easter basket when this is all over…”

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