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President Obama Seals His Own Fate by Saying the G-Word

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WASHINGTON (Just Laugh) – It was an otherwise bright, shiny Tuesday morning when President Barrack Obama addressed a small group of press at the White House to announce his latest executive actions to be issued as the 44th President of the United States of America. The people listened intently as he spoke of the recent tragedies of violence seen during his time in office, however President Obama’s press conference took a turn for the worse when he leaned into the microphone and distinctly said the word that would change the course of that beautiful Tuesday morning forever…


Only he didn’t say, “Grapes.” He said the word … the big one … the mother of all politically-charged words – the “G-dash-dash-dash” word!!!

“What did he say?!” fumed a stunned Wayne LaPierre from his heavily fortified mountain stronghold some 250-miles away.

“Um … errr…” the president stuttered, but the damage had already been done.

“That’s what I thought he said…” the head of the NRA confirmed with a sneer as he turned to board his chariot of fire and prepared to round up his band of true 2nd amendment believers as the sky turned black with the rage of five million impassioned gun owners.

It was all over – that much, the two-term president knew for sure.

What would it be…

An Internet protest?

Round the clock coverage on FOX News??

An unfathomable spike in gun sales to dwarf the last unfathomable spike in gun sales when he also hadn’t threatened to take the nation’s guns away???

Standing as always to his side, Vice President Joe Biden visibly cringed as he knew the worst was to come for his dear friend, and together all they could do was wait for the wrath that the National Rifle Association would bring forth for daring to use that word in public office.

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