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The Low-Down on High School

The other day my best friend reminded me of our twenty-year high school reunion, which is slated for next year.  I began to ponder on the person I was in high school and the person I am now.

In high school there were popular kids, smart kids, druggies, nerds and no-personality kids.  All of these people had their place set in stone.  But I fell into the worst kid category of all: the misfit.

This is the category where you act like you fit in but in reality, there is no place for you.  Even the druggies don’t want you because you freak them out.

There are times in life when you know the road ahead will lead to understanding and success.

This was not one of those times.

As it was, I wasn’t even un-cool in a good way.  I sang Olivia Newton John (who I still love) and Debbie Boone songs at talent shows, my wardrobe was from Cato’s and I thought people liked me when they said, “Hi”.

One time, I saw the most popular boy in school at a store on a Friday night.  Apparently he had been drinking.  He didn’t have a shirt on and there was a rope tied around his neck.  He was swinging his head around like a horse being lassoed.  This is what the girls wanted to go out with. I thought he would single-handedly put the saddle industry out of business.

At the time, even though I knew better, I would’ve gone out with him had he asked because he was, after all, the most popular boy in school.

I was such a loser.

In keeping up with the latest fashions, I came up with one all on my own.  It was 1981 and close to Christmas.  I was feeling festive and wanted to dress Christmas-y so I wore a yellow sweater, a red, green, yellow and black-stripped plaid skirt, green stockings and, oh yeah, red shoes to school.  I hopped out of the car, which happened to be mom’s anti-youth brown station wagon, and headed to the back of the school where we all waited for the bell to ring.

I didn’t even get within hearing range before I saw girls looking at me, pointing, covering their mouths and laughing. This was the beginning of what was quickly shaping up to be a hell-school day.

On a similar note, I can recall another fashion faux pas at a drama competition.  We had to wear khaki pants and pinstriped oxford shirts.  I didn’t want to wear my tennis shoes so I actually wore my sister’s brown leather shoes.  However, she is four years younger so I basically walked with my toes tucked in all day long.

I received a little ribbing for that one but my mother was there and she made me feel safe and accepted, although I never could keep a boyfriend because when a boy would come over to the house, she always gave them a special ‘mom’ look. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. I was used to it but it scared all newcomers away.

These feeble moments mixed with my sensitive personality made me the biggest oxymoron in the neighborhood, in my eyes.

This is how I perceived what was happening.

In the past few years, I have begun sharing email with several people I went to high school with and I am thoroughly enjoying it.  I enjoy our conversations and a sense of kinship, having been together in the throes of youth.  I can honestly say today that I enjoyed going to school with everyone I was with, whether it brings to mind a great moment or a not so memorable time.  Like the time Mike Clayton stood me up on my sixteenth birthday.  I hear he owns a car dealership and I am sure, being the kind-hearted and responsible man he is now, he would want to try and make it up to me.

Did you say $5,000.00 off the sticker price?

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